(576) Prizes are available (one (1) prize for each Day during the Promotion Period) – Each prize consists of $200 in Free Groceries – to be awarded in the form of a $200 bankissued, pre-loaded Gift Card. Gift card is subject to the terms and conditions associated with its use. Total ARV of all prizes $115,200.

Jul 19 1:18 am
  • beverly johnson

    I eat Kelloggs all the time for breakfast
    and a snake too.

  • beverly johnson

    hope to win.

  • beverly johnson

    I love Kelloggs.

  • Kathy

    Says you have to have a code to win

  • http://freestufftimes Doreen

    I love Tony the Tiger!

  • Edward Kalitt

    can’t beat kelloggs for taste!

  • sonia forrester

    where do you enter at and when does the $200. grocery contest end.the codes just came out on boxes in our stores.

  • sonia forrester

    this doesn’t work nowhere to enter the code.

  • http://9U7M-57M6-TNJ7-6PLK kathy lowe

    :yum: I love the cereal, but my son literally eats a “JETHRO BODINE” bowl everyday, sometime as a snack before bed. It seems to give him his boost of energy, he is active in sports. big time!!!

  • http://kellogsfamilyrewards$200infreegroceries Karen Benko

    I hope I win

  • http://kellogsfamilyrewards$200infreegroceries Karen Benko

    Our whole family loves Kellogg’s Cereal!

  • gwyn n, crump

    I am disgusted! Your Kelloggs Raion Brand box had a free grocery contest in which I was to go to to register and enter the code from the cereal box. Instead, your web site gave me to Publishers Clearing HOuse where they took my time touting their overpriced stuff. HOw much is Kellogg being paid to con their customers into this scam? Incidentally, there was never a place to enter the code pgn5-j54n-wxk5-m7gw

  • http://yahoo elainatagas

    i would like to know how you get the free groceries my adress is 3250 sw avalon way #101 seattle wa. 98126

  • http://kelloggs alex

    :love: kellogs

  • http://kelloggs alex

    eating kellogs right now so good :bowdown:

  • George Boling

    Thanks for the opportunity to sign I will appreciate anything I should receive/WIN. thanks Again

  • hayley hall

    I have been eating frosted flakes my whole life and my kids love it to i would love to have a chance to win free groceries thanks

  • Valaida

    Kellog’s has been a part if our family breakfasts for over 40 years. Kellog’s corn flakes with fresh sliced peaches & milk, yumm :wiggle: