void in MA and MI
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Nov 7 10:51 pm
  • Richard Hill

    I have been chewing tobacco for 30years and snus since it came out. pretty good stuff

  • I smoke camel menthal ciggarets!! I don’t use snuff?!!Please send me coupons for cig, not snus. thank you

  • Linda

    I quit smoking 15 years ago, but kept still wanting a when you came out with suns I started using and I’m still using. But I need coupons . So please send me some.

  • lynette glass

    Please send me more snus coupons, I love them!
    Especially the new mint flavor.

  • Please send me snus coupons. I quit smoking about 17 yrs. ago but I love snus especially mint.


    please send snus coupons

  • please send snus coupons

  • Jeff

    Please send me suns coupons

  • please send snus coupons,I realy like your brand,actually I realy like your brand than all the others

  • patrick

    please send coupons I love the snus :love:

  • Neal R. Oleson

    :yum: suns only!

  • coupon me. Snus only, please.

  • Ronni Lynn

    I smoke camel menthol not chewing tobacco can you please send me coupons for cigs unread of snus. Thanks

  • shad wynia

    please send me snus coupons :wiggle:

  • steve

    Send me Snus coupons 🙂

  • ricky applewhite

    snus coupons only

  • vern

    I tryed the snus .love the smooth flavor.was a grizzly snus.if possible send me some coupons.thanks