Days 1-25
2,000 Flags
500 Sony Headphones
2,000 Grill Press
2,000 Zippos
100,000 Ashtrays
5,000 Klean Kanteen
500 Steak Sampler
500 Dartboards
2,000 Jerky Pack
2,000 Cofee Sampler
1,000 Steak Sampler
2,000 Rodeo Belts
20 Kayaks
250 Boots
1,000 Thermometers
250 Blue Rays
1,500 $30 GCs
500 Grills
1,000 $50 GCs
500 Travel Bags
500 Pool Sticks
500 Digital Cameras
20 $1,000 Amex GCs
1,000 Sausage Samplers

Days 26-50
250 Cell Phones
1,500 Salsas
1,500 Harmonicas
1,500 Duffel Bags
250 $250 GCs
1,500 Foldable Chairs
250 Cell Phones
100 Digital Cameras
250,000 Bottle Openers
500 BBQ Sets
1,000 Horse Shoe Sets
500 $120 Omha Steaks GCs
1,500 Hamocks
250 Billboard GCs
100 GPSs
1,000 Burger GC
5,000 Cofee Makers
1,000 Omaha Steaks GCs
250 Smokers
20 Poker Tables
500 Sunglasses
5,000 Cookbooks
500 DVD Players
3 GMC Sierras

Days 51-75:
5,500 Lighters
10 Grills
1,000 Bass Pro GCs
10 Pool Tables
10 HD TVs
250 Camcorders
1,500 Cookbooks
500 Billboard GCs
125,000 Money Clips
100 Binoculars
250 MP3 Players
500 Digital Pic Frames
201,500 Coffee Samplers
1,500 Hot Sauces
1,500 Lanterns
5,000 Tongs
5,500 Sauce Sets
1,000 BBQ Sets
1,000 Blankets
500 Radios
1,500 $35 GCs
1,000 Steak GCs
500 Cowboy Hats
500 Steak GCs

Days 76-100:
1,500 BBQ Sets
100 Soundbars
500 $100 GCs
1,500 Coolers
1,000 Meat and Potaoe Packs
2,000 Cooler Backpacks
250 GPSs
1,500 $20 GCs
500 Fish Rods
100 $500 GCs
10 Bikes
1,500 Coasters
250 Guitars
1,000 $45 GCs
500 Burger Boxes
10 Shuffleboard Tables
1,000 Tents
2,000 Coffees
222,358 Bottle Openers
20 Tvs
2,000 Jerkies
1,500 Speakers
450 Coolers
1,000 Poker Chips

Grand Prizes:
Harley Davidson(s) (Entry Period 1)
$40,000 Gold(s) (Entry Period 2)
Mustang GT(s) (Entry Period 3)
Marlboro Ranch Trip(s) (Entry Period 4)

Jun 1 11:25 pm
  • brokeguy00

    It’s not valid in my state but at least i got a $4 off coupon and a coffee sample from that site.

  • dennis duncan

    I would sure like to win some prises

  • Avery Legendre

    can not find log in site!

  • kathy

    i can not get teh entry page for the 100 days of flavor sweeostakes

  • Can’t find login site for 100 days of flavor

  • John Fulton

    I could not find the place to sign up for the contest either. I think it is a hoax.


    I can’t find the place to sign up for the contest either!! I am looking for where my customer nimber goes, and where does my promotional code go???

    Can you please help me with these problem??

    thank you,
    Gisela Schaefer

  • bob semonski

    like to know where and how to sigh up

  • again, cannot find site to sign up for your promotion. quit hiding where to put cust. # & promo code for your contests.

  • germaine havel

    cannot find 100 days of flavor website

  • maria

    cannot find the website to sign in

  • matt

    go to address at the top of this page. i had to register for that site and then i could enter

  • Paula J Centola

    Have smoked marlboro for 30 yrs. i enjoy the flavor. paula


    had no problem with the flavorchase, actually won a flashlight. whats up with this contest? I’m losing days to enter.



  • I can not find the page to log in. In fact this page is the only page I have found that has the 100 Days of Flavor. Can you help me so I can sign in and enter in the sweepstakes. Thanks Janice Blake

  • tom collins

    I still cant get logged in this is my 12th day trying if this is a scam please tell me so i will quit this nonsence Thank You. …

  • I`m 51 and live on disability I would love to have a Harley V Rod to ride so I can get out more.

  • Ed Grimly is the site, if you have your flash disabled it won’t work, you also have to allow cookies for the sign in to work. If you don’t have an account, you need to make one.

  • Cynthia Paul

    How do I sighn up to win free prizes

  • scott jackson

    need help finding site for 100 dayz of flavor.

  • tracy

    why is this sweepstaks so hard to log on to ? is this a real promation or bull.

  • matt

    its a real promotion, i’ve entered a few times. ‘ed grimly”s post above has all the information





  • Gale Worley

    would like to win free maroboro stuff.

  • THIS IS A LOAD OF CRAP!!!!!!!!!!You think you can try to win something and you have to buy tons of stuff that you dont need. You cannot get any thing FREE so you might as well quit trying!People like this just make me not to even want to go on the net.Its with every thing you try to do.SCAMS SCAMS we all should know better !!!!

  • NO THANK YOU!!!!JUST MORE CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jack

    This is a hoax…have searched all over the internet, and cannot find one example of a winner…

  • FIF

    Then just dont enter if its an issue for you, it is valid, you obviously just need to be smarter than the website to enter!!! go to you’ll see an email of a winner and a lot of comments about winners too!

  • sharon

    I got an email that said I won a belt buckle, will be here 10 to 12 weeks.

  • Megan

    Why can’t you people find the site? go to, sign up (you dont need a promo code but you do need to be 21+) and you’ll see the 100 days of flavor to click on…it’s really easy, they have a different prize every day and you just click to enter and that’s it. Stop saying it’s a hoax just cause you can’t find it. I just found out today that I won an ashtray–but so did 99,000 other people haha! Oh well, it’s a win! I hope you can win more than one prize? Does anyone know?

  • Rhonda

    I am 46 I used to ride a Harley years ago and have been dying for another one . I have this feeling in my blood that I won one. Since it was Friday when I entered I probably will not hear anything till next week , but that is ok I just feel it . Got to have a Harley , Got to have a Harley , Got to have a Harley … LOL

  • Rhonda

    Woot Woot got my first set of coupons today … Now just waiting on the news that I won the Harley !!!! LOL

  • tony

    One day I was able to get to the entry page
    Every since then It just keeps saying loading for ever & ever & ever.. this is geting so dang frustrating Im just saying the heck with it.It is a real contest BUT it has only let me get to the Place to be able to enter ONLY once..Im Over it.Also I have got tickets for the Indy 500 2 years In a row & this year I didnt get any but all my friends did.. This marlboro site is One Big PAIN In the Butt

  • derek

    If you cant sign up your mentally challenged and its not a load of crap I have won 3 yes i said 3 items already and its just the begining. Go back to school people!!!!!!!!!


    how do and where do i sign up for the 100days of flavor cant find it anywhere i have signed up for contest and coupon in the past thank you JODY VAUGHN BD. 06/24/60

  • why can’t i log in. I ask to be taken of mailing list because i could not log in. Thank You.

  • Why don’t you answer is it bull?

  • Rhonda

    Try this … I have gotten my coupons but not won anything yet … Hope to win soon ..

  • Brett

    Are you guys brain dead? How hard can it be??? for God’s sakes!

  • Robert A.ledbetter

    I really do love the taste of marlboro.

  • Robert A.ledbetter

    I preffer marlboro

  • Rhonda

    Dog gone it more coupons but still no win .. I need a win !



  • larry murray

    could not log in to register for daily prize today?

  • Rhonda

    For some reason Larry I did that also last week,so I went and did a system restore for some reason that fixed my problem . Good Luck

  • i smoke marlboros again and i never want 2 quit

  • send me some coupons please

  • Derek Harbaugh

    I won an ashtray also WOO-HOO kicks a$$ hope I can win somthing bigger and better but i bet if you have won one thing thats it you can no longer win anything else

  • Derek Harbaugh

    I want some promo codes that work.

  • Derek Harbaugh

    mar3446 works as a $1.00 off or $4 or $5 of a carton in promo codes

  • Rhonda

    OK Marlboro as much as I have been standing up for our smoking rights in Va I do believe I deserve a big prize LOL , but if I do not win one I will continue to fight for our rights … And I do still thank you for my coupons …

  • love my Marlboro 100’s yes!!!!!

  • I want to register to win sweep stakes

  • well i was entering every day and now for the last 5 days it wont let me enter i can log on but not get to 100 days of flavor i should win somthing for going through all this,i even called and thay had me add firefox to my computer and it still dosent work

  • Rhonda

    Woot Woot I really like those shades today..

  • Rhonda

    Ok I read on another site that some folks have already won some trips to the Ranch also some are lucky enough to win multiple times .. I am here waiting Marlboro but either way I still won’t leave your brand ..

  • i won 3 things so far , biggest being a omaha steak gift card for 120 bux , i didnt have to buy ANYTHING , so for those calling scam shut up

  • Kristina

    I won a 50 dollar amazon gift card last promo, my ex won a trip to the ranch 2 weeks after we brok up.. (lucky him) and you dont have to buy anything.. just go to register and go to 100 days of flavor.. it will pull up the prize for the day and you just have to click the box under it that says enter.You can only enter 1 time a day.. its not that hard..

  • David Conklin

    well good to see someone is winning

  • Dave

    I’ve entered almost every day and ain’t won squat.

  • Dale

    Ive did the same,tried to enter and got a smashed egg in my face

  • My husband won a grilling book from this contest!

  • David Conklin

    everyones luck will change for the better someday and if you believe that I have some great farm land for sell

  • broke neck,out of work,a prize would be nice if i could get in the web site!

  • Rhonda

    Woot Woot won a bottle opener yipee ! Sorry about your neck Phil .

  • Derek Harbaugh

    Dear Derek,

    Your Wall Mounted Bottle Opener will be shipped to the mailing address we have on record. You can expect your prize within 10-12 weeks.

  • Derek Harbaugh


  • David Conklin

    gotta bottle opener too we all got the flood gates cracked open let the prizes flow hehe

  • Derek Harbaugh

    so that made prize #2 for me got an ashtray also. the thing is i cant smoke in my house so i will use it when i get my bottle opener as a bottle cap holder. lol

  • CinderSue

    I’ve entered from the get go. Have received several of my coupons already.

    Kept thinking that I would win a bottle opener as it is the most useless prize listed…lol

    Was notified yesterday that I won one!! Yay!!

    Love Marlboro, even if my smoke is FSC now…

  • Derek Harbaugh


    We’re sorry, but is currently down for routine maintenance.

    In the event we do not receive entries to award today’s daily prizes, said prizes will be awarded in a second chance drawing. See Official Rules for details on second chance drawing.

    If you need additional assistance, please call Customer Service at 1-800-898-2888.

    WTF I wanted to enter for the next prize but… how can I. Why close down for maintenance in the middle of giving away some kick ass prizes?

  • David Conklin

    site is up and going check out the new stuff

  • Rhonda

    They do the routine maintenance about once a week but it is usually up and running within a few hours …

  • I`m 51 and live on disability I would love to have a Harley V Rod to ride so I can get out more.””””””

    Taking my friggin tax money! Let’s see you cant work but can get on a harley ? Whats wrong with this picture. Keep taking your oxycotin and smoking your cigs on my dime!

  • David Conklin

    people on disabilty can still buy there on cigs i spent 20 years with a company and broke my back for them and all i got was disability to live on and higher taxes to keep me in the hole so i can hardley buy my cigs so if we hope we when something from marlboro so let us hope. and your tax money does not support me\\\\\\\

  • David Conklin

    and i drive a mustang gt with a handicap plate

  • Rhonda

    Wow Ge maybe you should go try to get a pill , as the way it looks you really need one ! Just because he is on disabilty does not mean he has to lay down and die ! Get over your mean self ! He is 51 I am sure you did not pay shit for him as I can tell by your name you are just some young pee on with nothing left to do but whine about something you have no control over . Enough said . PS are you one of the whining NON SMOKERS that has not won anything yet ?

  • Rhonda

    Sorry to have been so mean on my last post everyone , but life is just to short to have mean people pick on others . I normally do not reply to that kind of stuff but I had to voice on this one . Good luck to all the SMOKERS and hope someone on this site wins that nice TV !

  • CinderSue

    I won another prize!The Zippo Lighter! WooHoo!

    It’s not a TV, but I still liked the look of it.

    To Rhonda: It didn’t sound mean to me, it needed to be said. You Go Girl!!

    Prizes won: Bottle Opener, Zippo Lighter

  • Rhonda

    Thanks CinderSue … I am glad you won the lighter I liked that also . So far I just have the bottle opener but hey it was a win. I read on another site emails from Marlboro are running behind so maybe just maybe you did win that TV . Good Luck

  • David Conklin




  • Bosox Central

    My wife has won Viper pool cue, Cuisenart coffee maker, Coleman Quad chair & bottle opener.

  • CinderSue

    My Mom won the Coleman Retro Lantern!!

  • David Elbers

    Got some coupons for my smokes and e-mails that I got a bottle opener and a cowhide money clip but haven’t got them yet. Missed the web site for a few days but hope it comes back to my regular e-mail acct. Thanx.

  • David

    got my bottle opener today

  • just go to im in california it works for me i been entering everyday i havent missed 1 day i also won 62 prizes attotal 13,000

  • im joking i havent won anything yet not that i know of i feel like ill win something big this sweepstake is pretty tight i like to play pool at often great music also stick with it folks theres still a while inthe show wooohoooo!

  • was on email every am not.want back on email every day for 100 days of flavor.

  • want back on email for everyday for 100 days of flavor

  • David Allen go to this address and you can get on

  • David

    Bag of coffee sounds good right about now

  • Marlboro has alway stood behind its’ patron with coupons, various incentives-you give the people what they want!

  • David

    they sure do. looked at the rules tonite for to kill some time and looks like i need to learn a new language

  • David

    got a e-mail on sat, i won a bag of coffee. to bad it does not come with some uncle jack

  • Teri

    So, I see people have won about the same things I have won. The cheap prizes– astray, bottle opener, coffee, lighter…. Does anyone know of some one who has won a big prize? — like something good? Not that I am not happy that I won something but I would be REAL happy if I won something I wanted 🙂 — I have only missed 1 day of signing up, as many people as it sounds like that could not even sign up you would think that our odds would be better for the goodies!! hehe

  • David Conklin

    I was thinking the same thing,I missed the 1st week but not since . Just to win something tells me ,Lady Luck is thinking about me just a little LOL

  • David

    That Jerky just might go good with the coffee I won , What a dreamer I Have become Since I,ve entered these contests

  • Derek Harbaugh

    I have won prize #4 the jerky so far I have won the ashtray, wall mounted bottle opener and money clip. I think Teri is right about only winning the small cheap prizes but I am not going to complain about it. I just wish I could get something a little bigger like that bike or a GPS or something like that. It would be very nice to get one of those TV’s. I did want that pool cue badly I love to play pool.

  • Pearl

    I hope you guys are entering 🙂 It’s definitely not a scam. A month and 1/2 ago I won a wall mounted bottle opener and got it a few weeks later. It didn’t look as great as the pic but definitely cool to win something. Then again last night I won the slim as thin as a credit card bottle opener. I’d like to win something better than a bottle opener….but hey, free is free!

  • I think the contest is a bunch of b.s. Last year I won a tent, this year nothing. I’ve entered almost every day and not one prize. My roommate’s mom entered the same amount of times and has won 12 times. How do you win 12 times when other people can’t even win once?

  • P.S. She got the steak, the Washburn guitar, the tent, the stove, the bottle opener, the lighter, and some other stuff.

  • Derek Harbaugh

    I think the best time to enter is right as they open in the morning i am in the eastern area Maine to be exact and i enter in at about 1:00am and most of my prizes have come from me entering them at that time so maybe you will have a chance doing so also.

  • Michael Reeves

    I have won 3 prizes in the Marlboro 100 Days contest.
    So far only one has arrived. It Was a wall mount bottle opener.


  • Rita Gollihur

    I won a fly flishing rod and reel and a wall mounted bottle opener and i have not recieved them. When will i get Them

  • Jeanette

    This was defintely not a hoax, I had fun entering every day. I won 3 different items, just wish we could list a list of the big winners soon. The website was never a problem to find or get into. Just have to know how to operate a computer.

  • want to enter sweepstakes


  • keep up the good work

  • i really need a new Car. Its dont have to be brand-new

  • calvin king

    i won a computer on yet i cannotfindany one who can ell me when or ifi wilol get it thishas been going on for about ten days and am starting to think it is all a scam can someone from marlboro set this straight tetephone number is 423 728 0335

  • I really would like to win a new harley, I had to sell mine last year.

  • i do not know my customer number

  • james c. jarosz

    This is the third time I am asking this question. I have entered your contest. After 10 or so entries all my entries were erased and I had to start from one again. What happened to all my previous entries?

  • Thank you so much for chances to receive Marlboro giveaways. :bigthumb: