hello! i’m rather new here, and i would like to share my first free things with you all ^.^
-the first free thing is the Ipod Nano..my dad had unknowingly entered into a contest by kraft foods about a year and a half ago, he recieved the ipod in the mail. he thought he wouldn’t have any use for it and gave it to me, and now it never leaves me side :p
-the barq’s root beer dog was a pepsi rewards thing, he’s so cute lol
-the lifestyles poster was something my girlfriend ordered, i was rather suprised to open the big tube it came in and find it :eek3: glad i didn’t open it infront of my mom
-human genome poster..i think it will be a nice conversational item.
-today in the mail i got Bio Spot flee and tick control (my dog will be very happy to use it~) as well as Sicence of Fat and The Virtual Lab from Biointeractive.
i can’t wait to see what else shows up in the mail, this is so my new favorite hobby 🙂