4/6 mail

by Suellen - Books, Coupons/In Store deals
Apr 6 8:52 pm

Free yogurt coupon, plus a bunch of $ off ones from Psst.  Fiesta haircut coupons( anyone interested in these lmk). Free cookbook.  http://www.freestufftimes.com/19/free-deliciously-healthy-dinners-cookbook/

Yesterday’s mail

by Suellen - Coupons/In Store deals, gifts, Samples
Apr 6 8:51 pm

Free “sample” of Aveeno Stress relief lotion. ( not sure where this is from.)  Free gum with 3-d glasses. Grey gum is kinda gross! 4th free vitamin water coupon. They just keep coming!

Free flower for Easter!

by Suellen - Other
Apr 6 8:50 pm

This is my favorite Pic from Easter! I think it is too big for the forum. It wouldn’t let me put it there.  I think I am going to enter it in a contest.

Free Chocolate!

by Suellen - Contest Wins, Coupons/In Store deals
Apr 6 8:49 pm

28 Nestle crunch bars for the boys Easter baskets.

Coupons from facebook game, and a trade!

20 free 4×6 prints from Walgreens

by Suellen - Coupons/In Store deals
Mar 22 7:51 am

This was just posted today.  I love the fact that you could add fun borders.  I was able to get prints of my son’s birthday party. His birthday happens to be St Patricks day so how awesome is that!

Good mail this week!

5 + magazines, free Cd, purex 3 in one samples, chocolate cream of wheat sample, perfume sample, freebie coupons( heluva and candy pieces). I got a couple of other samples this week too, but the family has already claimed theirs. :)

Freebies from a couple of weeks ago.

by Suellen - Clothing, Coupons/In Store deals, gifts, Samples, Tea
Mar 13 2:18 pm

I forgot to post these!  Free tshirt (sexy jammies), yarn, tea samples, cereal sample with really good coupons, and sample of pink salt( didn’t think this one would come).

Free Busy Mom’s Bible

by Suellen - Books
Mar 13 2:17 pm

I think this is one of my favorite freebies that I have ever gotten!  It is expired now.  It is really nice leatherbound and all! I thought it would be paperback.  Thanks Chris for this one!!!!

My replacement flowers from Proflowers!

by Suellen - Samples
Mar 13 2:17 pm

I contacted them after valentines day because a couple of my roses had broken stems.  They asked me to choose another boquet to be sent.  I ordered the St Patrick’s day boquet because Harrison’s birthday is then, and I got them for his party!  They smell wonderful!

My Valentine’s day gift!

by Suellen - Gift Cards/Certs, gifts
Feb 11 11:55 pm

This is what my hubby got me with the Proflowers code that I forwarded to him.  He used the code Fox in the media box at the top. $16 for shipping is all that he paid!  All the little bonuses that came with it are nice too.

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