Sephora $15 Beauty Insider Gift Card

by spiralheartmoongirl - Gift Cards/Certs
Dec 4 11:45 pm

It’s that time of year again. Check your spam folders!!!

If you are a Sephora Beauty Insider (or a VIB), they email or snail mail a $15 gift card. You should receive both a gift card number and a PIN to use towards a minimum $50 order.

The FreeStuffTimes family have learned from years past that as long as your order is over $15 with shipping included, the gift card becomes valid regardless! I have only ever used it online, I do not know if this will work in-store. I usually make my order before shipping over the amount to make sure the credit works.

Stay gorgeous, everyone!

Free Redbox DVD Rental (Expires 10/23)

by spiralheartmoongirl - Coupons/In Store deals
Oct 17 10:12 am

Aw, shucks! Shut the front door, Chucky wants you to come outside to play!

Pure Matters $10 e-Gift Card

by spiralheartmoongirl - Gift Cards/Certs
Dec 4 5:25 pm

I received this on November 29, but only remembered to use it because it expires tomorrow. I only paid $0.95 for my order (standard shipping was free).

Sephora $15 Gift Card for Beauty Insider Members

by spiralheartmoongirl - Samples
Nov 30 2:18 am

It’s that time of the year again! Sephora has emailed Beauty Reward members their annual holiday e-gift card worth $15. As stated in their messages, there is a minimum purchase (this year’s is $50) but orders have been placed and received successfully the past three years for me without it, including today! The best part is… your entire purchase, including shipping, is discounted from the gift code. Happy shopping!!!

Sigg “Barnyard Fun” Water Bottle from Axl’s Closet

by spiralheartmoongirl - gifts
Jul 23 9:24 pm

It arrived today! Was completely free. It hold 10 oz. and has a barn, fence, cow, pig, and chicken. Don’t laugh… ;)

Miss Jessie’s Hair Care Samples

by spiralheartmoongirl - Samples
Jul 18 9:02 am

I had received confirmation and shipping emails about the order… they sent a boutique bag, the three samples I chose (sorry, I used one already!) and a pamphlet with curly hair types and which products were most compatible for you.

Kid Icarus AR Idol Cards!

by spiralheartmoongirl - Other
Apr 3 11:30 pm

Sephora $15 Beauty Insider Gift Card

by spiralheartmoongirl - Samples
Dec 4 5:20 pm

If you are a Beauty Insider and subscribe to their mailing list, they email you one of these during the holiday season.  You’re supposed to make a minimum purchase of $50 for the card to work online, but just like last year I was able to use the gift card as long as you place over $15 of merchandise in your cart. They packed and shipped it with no issues then, and my order was accepted this time without complication. I spent only $4 last time; this year I spent $10 on a $25 purchase!  :cool:

Peeled Snacks $5 Gift Card

by spiralheartmoongirl - Samples
Jan 13 9:33 pm

Just received it this morning. I would’ve added the whole HTML to this post, but I don’t know how to omit the personal info! (^_^) I just added the top of the message.

$15 Sephora Gift Card

by spiralheartmoongirl - Samples
Dec 4 12:35 am

I received some correspondence from Sephora two days ago about receiving $15 to use online or in-store. As soon as I got it, I made my very first purchase and checking my account the next day, saw it was fulfilled and shipped via UPS ground.

Funny thing is, when I reviewed the message again, they said it was only supposed to apply to purchases over $40. I only made a $19 purchase and paid the difference! What a happy revelation!

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