Monavie Acai Juice Drink

by megann - Samples
Sep 24 9:33 pm


Got it like 1 hour after I got the message it had shipped.

7/22/11 mail, 5 packages from UPS

by megann - Samples
Jul 22 4:50 pm

2 issues of Ebony magazine, don’t remember signing up for that and I’m definitely Ivory but uhm… lol. I’ll check them out.
Spin –
2 pairs of yellow sunglasses from Lemi Shine (one for me, one for my dad.) – can’t find the post, but it’s expired anyway.
2 Wise Food samples (EXPIRED) – Creamy Pasta and Vegetable Rotini, which are 4 servings each, so I guess they’re like a meal for the whole family.  –
CLIF Bar Crunch Blueberry Crisp – can’t find the link for this either, probably expired.
Pink breast cancer pins from Denim Day Kit

Pandora bracelet, sunglasses, etc.

by megann - Samples
Jul 22 4:31 pm

Last week’s mail.
Pandora bracelet (EXPIRED) –
12 coupons for free Voskos yogurt, not sure what it’s from, I’m guessing a contest but I can’t find the post.
2 Worx energy –
Do Something sunglasses (EXPIRED) –
Herbs At A Glance Book (EXPIRED) –

$30 worth of products from L. Shanale’s=free

by megann - Samples
Jul 22 4:20 pm

I’m not sure where the post is about this one, or if it was even posted. I got this from Eversave, when they were giving a 10 dollar sign-up credit, this one was only 5 dollars and included free shipping.
-Red Lantern
-24 Tea light candles
-240 incense sticks
-icicle stick makers

Tide Stain Release and Swiffer Duster

by megann - Samples
Jun 21 4:08 pm

Tide Stain Release 10 pack
Swiffer duster
War is Not the Answer bumper sticker –

SAMHSA Publications

by megann - Books, Kits, Magnets, Stickers
Jun 21 4:08 pm

Activity books, “Building Blocks For A Healthy Future”, stickers, magnet, book.