Dish Network Kangaroo Stuffed Animal :)

by lauren112597 - gifts
Aug 10 1:41 pm

Today’s Mail

by lauren112597 - Samples
Dec 5 8:18 pm

Shutterbug  Magazine and BA Star sent me an eyeshadow pallete because my samples never got shipped to me. (:

Yesterday’s Mail 10/14/11

by lauren112597 - Samples
Oct 15 9:40 pm

Sorry the image is blurry, I took it with  the laptop camera.I got: Scotch Adhesive Dot Roller (finally!!)Sample pack of Secret Shave creamSamples of Loreal ProductsYoga Pants! ( I forgot how I got them)Dove go fresh deoderantIcy Hot naturalsDove Go Fresh fragrance sample

Mom’s Meet Wholesome Sweeteners

by lauren112597 - Samples
Oct 15 9:08 pm

Got 15 different samples of organic sweeteners! :D Link:

PaintStik Samples

by lauren112597 - Samples
Jul 25 6:39 pm

I got 2 orange and 1 hot pink :D
I cant find the original post :(

Sleep Number Pillow (coupon)

by lauren112597 - Samples
Jul 20 1:33 pm

Finallly went and got my free Sleep Number travel pillow!(: Its super soft and comfy and is about half the size of a normal pillow.

You Guessed it. More BuildDirect samples…

by lauren112597 - Samples
Jul 15 2:11 pm

I decided to order more of these because I found out that I  can cut the mesh holding it together and use the peices for crafts! :) They sent these in 2 days! Woowza! :kekeke:

More BuildDirect Samples

by lauren112597 - Samples
Jul 13 2:47 pm

– (top left) Country Oak
– (top middle) Grey Slate
– (top right) Glass tile
-(bottom left) Patio furniture fabric
– (bottom middle) Glass tiles
– (bottom right) Dark Green Polished Marble

BuildDirect Samples

by lauren112597 - Other, Samples
Jul 12 6:43 pm

– starting from the left: Tigerwood, Cabot Marble in Rainforest, SoundChoice/Moisture Barrier, Cabot Marble in Dark Green, and MoisturBlock.
P.S. I had posted this in the comments a couple times, just incase anyone wasn’t sure about the site, They sent me these samples that I orederd for free! Each tile square is prety big too! You should check them out at  :) :wavey: