by Buckeye23 - Gift Cards/Certs
Sep 20 12:48 am

Havent posted in forever…
$10 Target GC :)

$50 NFLShop.com Gift Certificate

by Buckeye23 - Contest Wins
Aug 14 10:59 pm


WOOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7/17/09 Mail

by Buckeye23 - Samples
Jul 17 8:40 pm

Free Pint of Starbucks Ice Cream – link
Saving booklet with all kinds of cleaning product coupons
Some DVD on like photshop and stuff – cant find link or name lol.

7/16/09 Mail

by Buckeye23 - Samples
Jul 16 9:05 pm

Shrimp Recipes – Link
Valpack of Savings – IDK how i got it lol, claims its from food network.
Free stop stroke 2009-2010 Pocket Calender – Link
Ken Griffy Jr. 1990 Donruss Card – Swagbucks Prize

7/15/09 Mail

by Buckeye23 - Coupons/In Store deals, Other, Samples
Jul 15 12:03 pm

Walmart Sample of Scotts.

Includes 1 Double Roll, 12 Moist Wipes, and Coupons – Save $1 on any Extra Soft Double Roll 12 Pack. and Save $.50 on one natural moist wipes tub.

LAME Mail day.

7/11/09 Mail

by Buckeye23 - Samples
Jul 11 12:36 pm

Manny Ramirez Baseball Card Swagbucks Prize
Pedro Martinez Baseball Card Swagbucks Prize
Old Spice Body Wash Walmart Sample – Includes 1 Off Coupon

7/7/09 Mail

by Buckeye23 - Posters
Jul 7 8:10 pm

Freebie Shopping

by Buckeye23 - Samples
Jul 6 6:52 pm


7/6/09 Mail

by Buckeye23 - Samples
Jul 6 4:13 pm

I got the following. Crest Enamel Shield Toothpaste Sample Free Salad Dressing Coupon -From Salads at home intant win game. .50 of a bag of Lays chips Coupon – IDK how i got it. Martini Golf Tees – Love Em!! Free Candy Bar Coupon – My 3rd Business Week Mag Insect Screen Thing – IDK why i ordered this. lol


by Buckeye23 - Samples
Jun 30 7:03 pm

Juicy Juice Water Bottle
Sun Crystals Walmart Sample
Vista Print Sample Pack
Coupons from friend on the forum.
My second free candy bar coupon :)
Free Issue of Seventeen Magazine (Not Shown)
The mail came late today, but it was worth it lol :)

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