Lunchable Instant win game Winner

by blindfaith73 - Contest Wins
Jun 23 1:11 am

My daughter won a twister skip it game

Redbook Magazine Contest Win

by blindfaith73 - Contest Wins, dvds/videos/music, Magazines
Aug 6 3:35 pm

Cablemover contest win

by blindfaith73 - Contest Wins
Jul 26 8:49 pm

Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor (Facebook) expired

by blindfaith73 - Samples
May 10 5:54 pm

I won Ultra Flip Video Camera From Verizon

by blindfaith73 - Contest Wins
May 10 5:54 pm

I won a Ultra Flip Video Camera from the Verizon 25 day Flip Video Giveaway Link

Mt Dew Zoo York Hoodie

by blindfaith73 - Contest Wins, Other
Nov 15 9:45 pm

Original Post
Wow was told 8-10 weeks but it came today its very soft and fits hubby perfectly
Mt Dew win

I won

by blindfaith73 - Contest Wins, Other
Nov 9 10:00 am

With all the Mt Dew Hubby drinks  I was hopeful about winning something
You have been selected as a X-Large Zoo York Hoodie prize winner in the Green Label Gear Promotion sponsored by Mountain Dew and the Pepsi-Cola Company. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery of your prize via mail to the address you supplied when you registered for the promotion.
On behalf of Mountain Dew thanks for participating in the promotion and enjoy your prize!

Free @ the Store

by blindfaith73 - Other
Sep 22 12:34 pm

I was shopping at  Schnucks  Grocery store buying Kelloggs Cereal and if you bought 3 boxes   this was free they had others to choose from but  I liked this little Halloween Basket   the bestSB

Dinovite Pet Samples

by blindfaith73 - Coupons/In Store deals, Other, Samples
Sep 2 3:44 pm
also there is a 5.00$ off coupon good for 30 days (not pictured)

The “Do the Barbie” Houseparty

by blindfaith73 - Kits
Aug 27 12:34 pm

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