Free Snoopy Key Chains at Hallmark

by apple12610 - Samples
Nov 28 10:42 am
I used $10 off $10 to buy the key chain $9.95 and the gummy eyeballs (30cent) and pay only $1.22 for the sales tax (9.75%)
Got the free snow globe at JcPenny on Black Friday.

Hot N’ Cold!

by apple12610 - Clothing, Samples
Aug 7 6:39 pm

Cheese and Burger T-shirt and BioreDoes somebody know about Ashley Tisdale’s party kit?? Mine haven’t came yet. Anyway, I got those stuffs from today, Cheese and Burger Society t-shirt and Biore something :). I was scared to open the box (I thought they gave me something creepy inside) because I watched “Orphan” last light and had a really bad nightmare. The movie was totally amazing, NOT Recommened for Children, I saw some childrens crying after the ending.

My Free Stuffs! AHHH it’s so HOT

by apple12610 - Other, Samples
Jun 10 6:25 pm

Those things i just got it! I will use it for summer  dsc049611
2 L’Oreal Studio Mousses at Walgreens (I used the single check rebate)
1 Gillette Clinical strength Sample
1 Opti-Free solution Sample
1 Free Mayo at Target
6 Free buddies soaps at Target
1 Free Baron Funds T-shirt
Exuviance Sample
Aveeno Sample
Conttonelle Sample
Eye Hope Sample
Men protective Underwear (14 counts) (hahahaha)
1 Free take along pack at Rite Aid
Crest Sample
1 Free Trout Unlimited poster
1 Free Bath and Body works
Poise Sample
Jergens Sample
Root Awakening Sample
Head & Shoulder Sample
Pantene Sample
P/S: I get free things every days but those things are the most important….