Kellee Maize Aligned Archetype CD & Bell Charm Friendship Bracelet

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Jul 17 8:10 pm


Preacher’s Kid DVD Guidepost Contest Win

I got this DVD in the mail today. I enter so many contest here that I can’t remember this one. I don’t think I ever heard of the movie, lol. I googled the contest for Guidepost but all that came up was “” it’s the rules page for the contest.
“The Preacher’s Kid DVD” (total ARV $29.98) It’s going for $20.99 on right now.

2 DVD’s

dvds/videos/music, Other
May 20 5:50 pm

Free Music & Video CD For Kids from Pampers Kandoo-EXPIRED

May 10 7:57 pm

Access Hollywood’s “Crazy Heart” Sweepstakes

This sweepstakes was posted in the contest section on 4/21  and expired 4/27. I just received it via USPS today. Prize: (1 winner) “Crazy Heart” DVD
Sounds good, I gave it to my Dad as a gift, he likes Jeff Bridges.

Access Hollywood’s “Crazy Heart” Sweepstakes

This contest was posted 4/21   and expired today. Prize: (1 winner) “Crazy Heart” DVD
I just got this email from them…
You’ve been selected as a winner for an Giveaway of Crazy Heart DVD.
There’s just one more step you have to take in order to receive your prize.
We need to verify that the information that you supplied to us when you registered is correct. Also, we need you to check a box that verifies an Affidavit of Eligibility that you are over 18 years of age, a legal resident of the United States, and not an employee of NBC Universal — checking this box will serve as your virtual signature.”
I will post the picture when I get the DVD in the mail.

The Princess and the Frog blu-ray + DVD

Good mail this week!

5 + magazines, free Cd, purex 3 in one samples, chocolate cream of wheat sample, perfume sample, freebie coupons( heluva and candy pieces). I got a couple of other samples this week too, but the family has already claimed theirs. 🙂

1/19/10 mail

3 Emergen-C samples & $1 off coupon, Slim Fast bar, NASA space weather folder that came with bookmarks, a poster and other info & a disc. Also, 7 mags, 2 Golden Gazette newspapers

Free Dean Shoutz’s All The Pretty Horses album CD

Jan 19 4:03 pm