1 Pic Of Stuff I have Recieved

:dunno: :fingersx:

PeTA stickers, dvd, & info

:dunno: I don’t know why I ordered this, I love meat. For some reason I like that sticker of the chick saying he’ “snot a nugget”… (yet) :kekeke:

Humira Starter Kit

dvds/videos/music, Kits
May 30 7:26 pm

This came in a nice gray box. It has a black travel pack, brochures, info, dr/med cards, 2 ice packs, a fake humira practice injection pen, and dvd in it.

Various DVDs

May 28 5:37 pm

Science of FAT & Evolution: HERE
Living Under A Windplant/Voices of Tughill (very interesting): HERE
Guide to Window & Door Replacement DVD

Tues. Mail

I received a lot of stuff today. This is the 1st picture:
Lahaina Hawaiian Sunscreen w/ a free shipping offer card
Ban deodorant
2 – 5 hour energy drinks (berry & orange flavor). [I remember getting an email saying this wasn’t going to come, lol]
Colgate maxfresh w/ save $1 coupon
Joy to the World VHS tape
4 pamphlets: all of them are about teen/adult dating violence

Freebies from last Sat.

AIDS: Evolution of an Epidemic poster & DVD
Country Time on the go Lemonade, Kool-aid singles, Crystal light On the Go samples, & Save 50 cents coupon
Quaker Harvest dark chocolate chunk sample & $1 off coupon
Open Solaris disk (I don’t know why I sent off for this LOL :kekeke: )
Explorer’s Bible Study Sample Lesson book & Catalog

more cd-roms, dvd, tape

dvds/videos/music, Software
May 26 7:11 pm

McGruff the Crime Dog on Gun Safety VHS tape
Inspiration ’07 dvd
Visual Studio DVD
2 Family Records Organizer CD-Roms
Money 101 Presentation
Truefire Take 10 dvd

some CDs, CD-ROMs, and DVDs

The Final Events of Bible Prophecy
Mastering Windows
Inspiration ’08 from Komen for Cure
Holosync Demonstration
The Miracle of Easter
Bullet Myths BUSTED: Choosing the Right Bullet-II
Panorama of Prophecy: An Epic Bible Study Adventure
Pro Painting Tips & Tricks

I’ll find the others later….

Free dvds from the Howard Hughes medical institute

May 21 10:51 am

Mix of freebies

2 Nike cases for ipod (this was a buy.com freebie deal)

Schick quattro titanium razor (I have 3 now)

Potty training dvd

2 Johnny America stickers

Mommy-To-Be pink/blue bracelet

KY intrigue lubricant :kekeke: LOLLLLLL

Mystery of the Ages book

Re’Vive cellulite repair & moisturizing renewal creams