We have partnered with our friends at International Harvest, True Made Foods, and Savory Spice Shop to give away all the products you see here along with a $500 Amazon gift card to really upgrade your pantry and kitchen!
$500 Amazon Giftcard
Reusable Produce Tote
Chef’s Mandala Lime Vinegar
Chef’s Mandala Green Cucumber Vinegar
Chef’s Mandala Raspberry Vinegar
Chef’s Mandala White Balsamic
Chef’s Mandala Dark Balsamic
Chef’s Mandala Dijon Mustard (Smooth)
Chef’s Mandala Dijon Mustard (Course)
Chef’s Mandala Molasses Mustard
Chef’s Mandala Horseradish Mustard
8 True Made Foods veggie-based condiments! True Made Foods removed the corn syrup and sugar in America’s favorite condiments and naturally sweetened them with real vegetables instead!
‘Round the World Gift Set: One of the best parts of experimenting with spices is being able to taste flavors from around the world. We’ve captured that adventurous appeal in this 10 jar spice collection that puts the world at your fingertips. Take your taste buds on a journey to India with Garam Masala, then jet over to Japan with a sprinkle of Shichimi Togarashi before embarking on a detour in the Mediterranean with Limnos Lamb Rub. Whichever seasoning you choose, every bite you take will be a global adventure.

Apr 25 1:45 pm