Take your choice of ATV or side-by-side on an 8-hour tour of an Alaskan glacier. Then hit the pavement for a full day exploring Denali National Park with a Slingshot.
One winner will be chosen. This winner can bring (1) individual guest. GoWild will reimburse the winner for two round trip airline tickets for the winner’s transportation to the trip location, valued up to $1,200 per person (winner must choose most economic option). This ticket value will cover most airline prices. If no other tickets are available and is above the $1,200 allotment, GoWild must approve in writing. GoWild will reimburse for airport meals up to $30 per person. Lodging will be provided. The trip’s value is determined by the locations chosen, but is estimated to be around $2,500, factoring lodging, travel and excursions.

Nov 19 12:31 am