1stprice: A semi-custom ring sling of Acorn – a 100% reeled mulberry silk warp that’s been hand-painted with botanical dyes. Weft fibre and colours are up to the winner. Retail price: 495€ (Instead of a ring sling, the winner may choose to use 2,2 meters of handwoven fabric including twisted fringes toward a longer wrap to which she/he can purchase additional length)

2ndprice: A ring sling of No Ordinary Love. Hand-painted 100% reeled mulberry silk warp, and hand-painted 65% extra-fine Tasmanian merino & 35% mulberry silk weft. Twisted fringe. Retail price: 495€

3rd price: A cowl of No Ordinary Love woven with the same materials as the ring sling above. Retail price: 225€

Feb 16 11:47 am