A Variety of Awesome Prizes
-Hollyland Cosmo 300
-Aputure AL-F7
-Diety D3 Microphone
-Moza Mini-S
-Mirfak Moin L
-Feelworld Master MA5
-9.Solutions Custom Set
-Blackrapid Sport X (Coyote) & Wander Lanyard set

(2 prizes selected from this list of bags)
-ThinkTank Photo Mirrorless Mover #
-ThinkTank Photo Turnstyle 5 v2.0
-ThinkTank Photo Storyteller #
-Zecti Camera Backpack
-Tarion XH
-Tarion RB-02
-K&F Concept Camera Backpack
-Smallrig DSLR Shoulder Bag

Sep 9 2:18 pm