FluMist promo pack from Vocalpoint

Oct 17 3:20 pm


Free Evil Ronald McDonald Mask from PETA

Kits, Other
Oct 16 8:07 pm

wohooo love buzz agent, pinecone and blogspark

the secret trial w/ the coupons which i gave away to my friends at school  mmmmmmmmm smells so good…..http://www.freestufftimes.com/06/free-secret-clinical-strength-light-fresh-scent-sample/
43full size axe spray from pinecone resarch gonna wait for compensation after the trial yay. 2blog spark huge bag, head phones, 2 free 4 pack yogurt coupons, and a towel in a little bag by the way gonna give one of theese gift packs away on my site very soon courtesy of myblog spark. already gave away another2 prizes  www.promoteyoursite.weebly.com


the dog food utensil  http://www.freestufftimes.com/11/free-alpo-pet-food-serving-utensil-first-600/ and the child safety kit  http://www.freestufftimes.com/22/free-adt-child-safety-kit-2/7kashi go lean coupons mmmmm yummy from vocal point 5this is a full box of zyrtec allergy pre measured spoons and a whole lot of coupons for this  from i believe buzz agent or it could be from vocal point dont remember

1now this i dont remember where from but its a planet protectors club from resource control

Body Works

Oct 15 11:36 pm

very nice

juicy juice

Oct 15 11:32 pm

2nd event kit

Bzz Agent Glade Sense n Spray campaign kit

Oct 15 9:40 am

oh how i love Bzz agent, let me count the ways!!

Free ADT Child Safety Kits

Oct 14 12:23 pm

Another Halloween UNICEF Fundraising Kit

Oct 13 8:26 pm


Seafood Watch Advocate Kit from the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Oct 13 8:26 pm

windows 7 houseparty

Oct 12 6:08 pm

included a puzzle, deck of playing cards, ballons, streamers, napkins, tote bags for guests, 64 and 32 bit disk, and other offers inside for guests

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