Skincare Rx Product

by vcmyfave - Samples
Jul 23 7:59 pm – expired

Got this for my mom :) or sister, whichever claims it first : o

p.s. anyone that is getting something from them or got something, there are samples of 2 products under the bottom box’s flaps.  At least mine were.  They must have been hiding. :kekeke:

Lowes Build and Grow – Treasure!

by vcmyfave - Samples
Jul 11 12:25 pm

  • Today my dad and I went to Lowes for the Build and Grow treasure chest project.  All I can say is Yay! I did all the work while my dad watched (so I didn’t hurt myself).
  • Thanks chris for posting this, I will probably go in two weeks again for the helicopter!
  • This little box is treasure…
  • p.s. The pictures when magnified get grainy, since I put in low high quality