1800Flower order Came

by sissie16_05 - Samples
Mar 5 7:24 am

Not too impressed with this.I ordered Clovers for my mom because shes been down on her luck lately,They looked so beautiful in the picture from their website. When we opened it up It looked like something we could of pulled out of our own yard and put in styrrofoam cup and place in a votive for the $1 store. I included pics of what it was suppose to look like and what we got.

“Love Never Fails” Necklace

by sissie16_05 - Samples
Feb 23 3:11 pm

Finally got it. Came from From Crystal Cathedral.They also sent me a letter with a survey to request another one.

2 Magazines,$5 Wendy GC, 2 Soap Buddies

by sissie16_05 - Samples
Feb 22 10:12 pm

Elle Magazine- My 3yr old loved looking at all the designer clothes (shes starting young i guess)
Cosmo Magazine
$5 Wendy gift card for doing that survey of lies
2 J&J Soap buddies- used coupon only spent .41 cents onn both of them. They smell great.