Flip video camcorder

by Priscilla - Contest Wins
Oct 13 8:27 pm

Flip video
I heard a thud on my porch and when i opened the door this package was sitting there. I didnt know i won anything, so this was a surprise. It’s from a sunkist entry.

A Win From Cartoon Network

by Priscilla - Contest Wins
Aug 19 11:36 pm

Super Soakers
I won 4 Super Soakers from a Cartoon Network contest.
My son can’t wait to go test them out.
I entered from this site.

Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 House Party

by Priscilla - Kits
Aug 17 1:26 pm

Battle ForceI received a package while on vacation. A HotWheels Battle Force 5 house party kit. It comes with 1 DVD of the first TWO episodes of hot wheels battle force 5. 1 Hot Wheels vehicle and action figure for the host. 3 Bags of popcorn. 15 Hot Wheels posters. 15 Hot Wheels toy catalog. 15 Hot Wheels Magazines. My son is very excited and can’t wait for the party day!

Free Bottles and Cans Recycling Starter Kit -CA only

by Priscilla - Samples
Jun 16 4:10 pm

picture-074 I received this yesterday.Its pretty neat to have since i save all my cans and bottles or my father in law.

$2 Subway card

by Priscilla - Gift Cards/Certs
May 30 11:45 am


Free item from the old 800 flowers coupon

by Priscilla - Coupons/In Store deals
Apr 3 4:15 pm

Frome the last 1800flowers code

Frome the last 1800flowers code


by Priscilla - Coupons/In Store deals
Apr 3 4:00 pm

Here is what i got yesterday.