Target trip #2

by msteelma69 - Coupons/In Store deals
Sep 18 11:43 pm

All from Buzzagent coupons and target coupons and some printable.

10 total Glade expressions starter kits=used 10 2.00 off coupons w/target 1.0-0 off printable coupons all free except for about 2.00 tax

1 free coupon from Bzzagent for 1 free oil defuser starter kit.  SCORE!

Target trip #1 today!

by msteelma69 - Coupons/In Store deals
Sep 18 11:42 pm

Coupons from moms meet for 2=4 packs you toddler cups, 1 32oz plain organic yogurt and 1-8 pack squezable yogurts.  All free!!!

OMG!! This is so cool!!

by msteelma69 - Samples
Jun 30 1:47 am

I was helping my elderly neighbor set up for her yard sale and she gave me this awesome Elvis Presley purse!!  I love it!!  Havent seen one like it!!

Benefit cosmetic beauty house party pack

by msteelma69 - Samples
Mar 9 5:55 pm

1 set 0f 9 full sized shades of Hello flawless Oxygen wow brightening finishing foundation
14 Deluxe sample-sized empty vials.14 vial labels and 14 cards to assemble with each guest shade.
14 deluxe samples of Pore professional Pro balm to minimize the appearance of pores
14 samples of Badget lash mascara
1 set of five full-sized make-up tester products. Benetint rose colored lip and cheek stain, Big eyes contour kit. Speed brow quick set brow gel. Hervana blush. Por professional pore stuff.
1 Limited edition travel make up bag
14 magnet photo frames
14 sheets of offers and coupons
1 Raising eye brows by Cameron Tuttle ( I think its a book)

Splenda houseparty!

by msteelma69 - Samples
Jul 20 2:49 pm

Came with:  16 small boxes of Splenda, 1 large box for host, 16 Kool-aid mixing spoons, 15 cookbooks and 1 large for host, 3 boxes Splenda for coffee, 2 boxes Splenda with fiber, 1 bag Splenda brown sugar blend, 16 coupons, 16 canisters to hold Splenda or whatever.  Nice Package those kool-aid mixing spoons are so cute!!!

I won another houseparty!!

by msteelma69 - Samples
Apr 16 4:15 pm

I have been winning so many parties lately I cant keep them all straight!!  Its become like a full time job!!
You’re In The Running To Host A Little Taste of Summer House Party™!
Thousands have applied to host a Little Taste of Summer House Party. Good news — you’ve been named as one of our qualified finalists.
To confirm your host status and receive your free party package, you must be among the first 2,000 host finalists to:

Houseparty win from!!

by msteelma69 - Kits
Apr 10 3:01 pm

Just got this email today.  Weird because I have never heard of this site!!  But Ok
The response to the House Rules Book Club has been tremendous, and although not everyone could be were chosen, YOU were.
Please consider this email your cordial invitation to be one of Jodi Picoult’s selected hosts for the House Rules Book Club to be held on Saturday April 24th.

Lego contest win!! Sweet!!

by msteelma69 - Contest Wins
Mar 27 3:48 pm

A LEGO Smart Kit, containing 20 LEGO bricks of various sizes and colors, is on its way! You will need the kit to compete in the contest. Please allow four to six weeks for processing and mailing of your kit.
To assist in preparing you for the contest launch, we will e-mail regular challenge tips, including helpful hints on how to create a LEGO Smart classroom and a featured LEGO Smart activity you can complete with your students.
Again, congratulations for being selected as a 2010 LEGO Smart Creativity Contestant!

Free pancake mix!!

by msteelma69 - Samples
Feb 23 3:23 pm

Just got this email today!!
Ok, Marie, you are all set. Pamela’s Products is sending four 4-lb bags of our Baking & Pancake Mix, along with
product brochures and recipe flyers, to arrive to you no later than May 6, 2010.
Have a great time and enjoy the delicious pancakes!

House party win: Pizza party

by msteelma69 - Samples
Dec 20 1:37 am

Congratulations… You are a DIGIORNO Game Day Believer House Party host!!
Because you were among the first host finalists to set up your party online, you are confirmed as a host and will be receiving a free party package to share with your guests shortly before the party.
Packages will be mailed in time to arrive before your party date. Check your free party site regularly for news on what’s in your package, when it’s been shipped, and when you can expect it to arrive.
Cant wait for this one.  Will send a picture when it arrives.  Hopefully Santa will bring me a new dig camera for xmas.  Mine just broke!!!

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