Hex bug party

by mrsterrymom - gifts, Kits, Product Testing
Sep 8 8:16 pm

Its been a while since I have posted cause I didnt want to take up space with the small things that I have gotten I just thought this one was cool enough to post ..last week I got this big ol’ box of theese things called hex bugs from momselect..it included a whole bunch of hexbugs approx 30 of them and a whole lot of pieces to make a colony….they also included a box full of replacement batteries …these are the coolest little bugs ever my kids were really excited to play with them..

Natures Gate /Moms Meet sampling

by mrsterrymom - gifts, Product Testing, Samples
Jul 16 4:26 pm

;)   ok I got chosen by  kiwis  moms meet to try the Natures Gate products line  with my mom group I got the following full size products from Natures Gate- kids block sun block, liquid hand soap,moisturizing  glow lotion and the body wash, I also got a bunch of samples of the glow lotion to giveaway. It all came wrapped in that nifty little tote bag.  If you would like to be a mom ambassador you can apply here http://www.greenmomsmeet.com/mom-ambassadors/ …..

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner lol

by mrsterrymom - Contest Wins, gifts
Jul 8 11:00 pm

Well I won this cool hmmm dont know what to call it..I guess its an mp3 player that has a 5mp camera, radio, pics, movies, ereader I mean it has it all anyways I think I won it from momselect online party or parents connect online party I dont know it just came with a note saying congratulations you won one of our online party prizes….theese two are the only online parties I have attended or rsvp’d for…..

Mom Ambassador for Wild Planet Albacore Tuna

by mrsterrymom - Coupons/In Store deals, gifts, Kits, Product Testing, Samples
Jun 28 6:17 pm

Kiwi Mom Ambassador program for the wild planet albacore tuna send me this great party package to share with family and friends..they send me 3 full boxes of the tuna and some samples for the wild alaskan pink salmon, wild sardines and a nice little cooler bag..this kit includes everything needed to sample the tuna coupons and a whole lot of  info….

Mom select Mommy Party by Outlast

by mrsterrymom - Samples
Jun 22 7:19 pm

yay signed up for the Momselect Mommy party sponsored by Outlast and got a pretty neat party package..Thanks Chris…

holy guacamole kung zhu party winner

by mrsterrymom - Contest Wins, gifts, Kits, Product Testing
Jun 9 11:05 pm

Yay signed up with momselect and was chosen to host a Kung zhu home party…wow I got the entire collection of zhu zhus..Thanks chris your the bestest…

Dove premier ambassador and kraft delicious summer of savings

by mrsterrymom - Coupons/In Store deals, Kits, Product Testing, Samples
May 17 5:31 pm

wow this was a pretty big bottle of suave conditioner and also some samples and coupons to give away… i believe it was this post not sure though https://secure.dove.us/dovehairmsn/sample.aspx?product=Repair
Also the Delicious Summer Savings pack from Kraft foods
I belive it was this one  http://www.facebook.com/KraftFoods?v=app_10442206389

visa rebate card

by mrsterrymom - Gift Cards/Certs
Mar 12 11:31 pm

yay!!! got a $100 dollar verizon rebate card  also forgot to post my 3 $5.00 birthday cards from academy sports and outdoors
academy.com/sweeps/090909_bday_club/landing.html -AL, AR, GA, LA, MS, MO, OK, SC, TN, and TX only

already listed the other on listia lol

progresso soup

by mrsterrymom - gifts, Product Testing
Jan 6 5:00 pm

yay my blog spark sent me a very nice gift this a new kind of soup I guess with fiber in it 092809 Progresso High Fiber

by the way I also am giving one away on my site One person will win this come by and check it out http://promoteyoursite.weebly.com/blog-it-like-you-mean-it.html open to the US only..   :)

cute bag from cookie?hmmm

by mrsterrymom - Samples
Dec 8 7:32 pm

I got this cute  bag from cookie via ups I looked for the post on contest and free stuff but I couldn’t find it if you know the post help me out thanks :)
I also got this cool dsi kit and this blu-ray movie using free amazon codes given by survey companies posted on here by chris thanks Chris.  :h5:

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