today mail

by lisa - Samples
Jan 28 5:28 pm

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contest won

by lisa - Contest Wins
Jan 28 5:26 pm

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by lisa - Contest Wins
Jan 27 10:57 pm

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Esquire’s December Daily Giveaway

by lisa - Contest Wins
Jan 14 5:42 pm

I got this email today.  This is the second time i won this month.  The first one was rachael ray.
Congratulations! You’re one of our winner’s from Esquire’s December Daily Giveaway!  Perry Ellis will be sending out your prize and you should receive it within the next three weeks to the address you provided.

contest win

by lisa - Coupons/In Store deals
Jan 8 11:47 am

i got this email today.
You have been selected to receive Rita Wilson’s Stocking Stuffers as part of the giveaway! Thank you for being a member of Club RR and thanks for participating in the giveaway. Check your mail in the weeks ahead!


by lisa - Contest Wins
Dec 8 3:24 pm

30days of fashion/lifeinstyle daily sweepstakes
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mail 12/04/09

by lisa - Samples
Dec 5 12:25 am

today i got a cookie bag,  extra volume mascara from l’oreal, jcpenny flyer with $10.00 of 10.00 purchase in store coupon in it, hershey kisses cookie exchange party kit,  redken from allure win, coupon for free yogi tea from product test, and chocolate product test from shespeak.

I won!!!!!!!!!!!

by lisa - Contest Wins
Nov 24 12:44 pm

i just received an email saying that i am a winner of the 30 Days of Fashion/ Daily Sweepstakes. Malo Cashmere Coat, Retail value:$1,335!