Keurig Instagram Mother’s Day #PointOfView contest

by DisneyBride - Contest Wins
May 10 1:31 pm

FedEx just dropped this beauty off.
Cannot believe how fast they shipped it, they took my info two days ago.

Free Grill Ambassador party kit from Crowdtap

by DisneyBride - Kits
Jun 14 3:15 pm

Grill Ambassador party kit from Crowdtap.
First chance I’ve gotten to host anything for them, pretty excited!
It is an apron on the bottom.

PsVita Taco Bell win

by DisneyBride - Contest Wins
Mar 28 2:02 pm

Won on March 6th, got it via UPS today.
Hot Shots Golf came as a extra since LittleBigPlanet isn’t coming out until October.
SO excited!!
Thanks Chris, besides my vacuum from Dr.Oz, this is my biggest win to date!