Mail 6/10-6/18

by abbey212 - Samples
Jun 20 2:15 pm

Years supply of Bic razors from 100 days of summer IWG

Coupon for free Charmin product from IWG

Fiber One chewy bar (YUM)

Coupon booklet from Unilever (call in)

Sample pack of U by Kotex pads and pantiliners

Sample size Clear shampoo & conditioner

Coupon for free box of Wheat Thins

Full size Mio fit

Sample of olive oil

Mail 6/1-6/6

by abbey212 - Samples
Jun 7 12:53 am

Full size bottle of BBQ sauce from Grizzly

Cereal sample

Samples of sweeteners

Coupon for free Tai Pei entree (cant find it anywhere)

Full size box of crackers for product test

Dr Scholls Bzzkit

Olive Oil Bzzkit

Trash bag sample

Been slow doing main started working part time..  :sleep:


Mail 5/20

by abbey212 - Samples
May 20 3:47 pm

Coupon for a free 2 liter of Pepsi Next
Sample of Olay face wash
$50 check from Global Test Market cash out

Mail 5/17

by abbey212 - Samples
May 18 8:54 pm

Single razor for product test
Bic Soleil Shave & Trim House Party Pack
36 razors altogether, 12 packs
An apron, tiaras, masks, and truth or dare cards
Should be a fun house party!!  :h5:

Mail 5/16

by abbey212 - Gift Cards/Certs
May 16 11:56 am

Haul of various household items from Amazon GCs

Mail 5/8-5/10

by abbey212 - Samples
May 10 7:51 pm

$50 check from a 2 day survey I did a couple weeks ago

Full size tube of toothpaste for product test

$5 check from Survey Savvy

Sample size Suave shampoo & conditioner

Got a good new phone with a crappy camera, hence the blurriness  :dunno:

Mail 5/4

by abbey212 - Contest Wins, Coupons/In Store deals
May 4 1:13 pm

Libman microfiber cleaning rag from IWG
Coupon for a free bottle of International Delight
$10 bill from the sunscreen survey I did a little while ago

Mail 4/29-5/1

by abbey212 - Samples
May 2 6:16 pm

Full size box of cat little for product test

Full size box of Bisquick for product test

Roll of Scott toilet paper from Scott shared values

Purina One cat food sample

Ruffies trash bag sample

Full size pack of cookies for product test

Mail 4/24-4/25

by abbey212 - Samples
Apr 25 4:32 pm

5 envelopes with little perfume bottles for product test

Sample of Folger’s Instant Coffee

2nd full size bag of granola for second phase of the product test

Mail 4/20

by abbey212 - Product Testing
Apr 20 12:52 pm

Small bottle of sunscreen for product test. I get $10 after the follow up survey.

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