At almost seven dollars a pack that is a great coupon for all those Newport pleasure lovers- my hubby just gets one dollar off coupons in the mail.

  • mine is up for trade as I don’t smoke lol


    Are you interested in two fandango ticket codes and if so how would I give them to you?

  • No, the movie theater that takes them in my state is toooooooo far away.

    I still am shocked that these cigs are $7 in your area. I’ve never seen them over $4.78 here….


    Thankyou for responding. I live in Baltimore and I have no doubt the price will get higher. Like you I do not smoke but my husband does. I am also many miles from a theater that takes Fandango but this was my prize in contest. My prize is gook till December so I have time to dispose of it at least. You are so great at couponing and freebies you ought to teach a course.

  • :h5: Thx. If you are part of the forum, you can PM if you find something else you think would be a good trade… :cool:


    Alrighty then. Goodnight.

  • :kekeke: Good morning.

  • tequila

    how did you get the buy one get one free coupon? I just get the $1 off

  • shari brown

    the new fsc make newport taste weak im really thinnking of finding another brand of cig something that is stronger

  • Or you could try to Quit smoking. That would definitely help to save money…

  • destiny kimbrell

    thanks i would love the coupons never got them before in the mail always marlboro an i smoke newport

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    Marlboro Smooths. a little cheaper too.

  • Lauren

    $8.20 in upstate and always going up! :eek3: :noes:

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    Thanks for the coupons in the past that your wonderful company send for my use they came in hand.thanks can you send me the coupons buy one pack get one free and one dollar off coupons.

  • Please send me some coupons. Thank you

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  • I been buying NewPorts 4 ova 17years an i need sum coupons asap! :h5:

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    I want lots and lots of couponss!!!!! :fingersx: :wiggle:

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    i have been smoking for awhile and now my daughter is starting so I need as many coupons as possible.

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    if its free why not get it

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    omg i would love one plz send.. newports are almost 7.00 a pack

  • i just need some buy 1 get one free.and thank for the coupons.

  • I would like some cupons buy one get one pack free please, thank you for this offer with the high price of cigarettes they will come in handy.

  • Diane

    I need to know how to get the coupons please!!!

  • :confused:

  • cool!

  • :uh: :cry: your request for coupons for smokes for ur daughter makes me sad!!! my mother,brother,my aunt,and my grams…just to mention the most recent have all passed away from lung an throat cancer!!! you should really think about helpin her quit,so you dont have to go thru what i did!! i took care of all them up to the day they died in front of me!!!never can forget the sad,horrible an painful journey i took with them all!!sure cant tell u what to do but you should think twice about coupons for your daughter if you want to keep her around longer…..just someone who misses thier family who were taken away because of smokes!!thanx 4 listening….luv someones mother!!!

  • sorry for your loss of your loved ones. :(

  • :io: :run: this is what i do when they dont have newports in the store i go to …run in then run back out to find a store who has my favs…keep the coupons comin. no more cartons coupons cant afford them just packs!!!thanx kim :h5:

  • :confused: in the long run, aren’t cartons cheaper than buying single packs everyday anyway though :dunno: ehhh to each his own though

  • chris

    cigarette posts always get a ton of comments. Like this virginia slims one http://www.freestufftimes.com/whatigot/27/virginia-slims-pink-pocket-mirror/#comments
    some really random/angry comments sometimes too :kekeke:

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  • :rofl: sign up on their website

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    Wondering how to get the Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon, All Newport ever sends me are $1 off 1 pack, $1 of 2 packs, & $3 of Carton :( Would love Buy 1 Get 1 Free!

  • i would love to have a buy one get one free from newport. i do get newport coupons for 1.50 off a pack.

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  • I know I need to stop smoking but it seem as if I gotta have a newport.:bowdown: my how the prices have gone up. :cry: it was said that they would at the first of the year 2012

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  • Olivia

    WTH?? Why are people putting their names and addresses HERE for a Newport promotion?? The picture of the coupon isn’t even the link to go anywhere, doesn’t have a description of what the freebie is, and there is a yellow camera date stamp on the photo showing the photo was taken somewhere in the year 2009!

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