Free sticker samples-EXPIRED

Feb 25 1:57 pm

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Ready, Set, Read! Target Offer-

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Jan 30 3:37 pm

Ready, Set, Read! –it’s supposed to come with backpack, books, stickers & bookmarks-It did! 

Free TNTฎ Club Fireworks Stuff

I got TNT Sticky notepad, TNT window decal, TNT fireworks poster, TNT magnet, and TNT tattoos.  I also got a membership card for discounted fireworks at any TNT store.


Free skin for select HP laptops and desktops

Jan 17 7:48 pm

Just got this today, havent put it on my laptop yet. Its real nice and came quick too. ๐Ÿ™‚
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Ducks Unlimited Decal

Nov 13 4:24 pm

Ducks Unlimited Sticker

Xmas greeting Cards/labels/stickers

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Nov 10 2:42 pm

United Spinal Assoc

These were from United Spinal Assoc, but, they’re what I got…..

Biker-Friendly Bumper Stickers

Nov 10 2:29 pm


You need to copy and paste the link-cool

Free Christian Bumper Stickers

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These are actually pretty good for a free thing. Many items included in a very small package.