Dove CreamOil Body Wash

Nov 5 9:43 pm

Dove Cream Oil Body Wash

I bought some of this, which is exactly why they send you samples, it is really great body wash-

Caress Oil Infusions Body Wash

Nov 5 9:42 pm

Caress Body Wash

I guess the name says it all-Nice……

Reach Flosser

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Nov 5 9:41 pm


Nov 5 9:41 pm

Free st. ives hand lotion

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Nov 3 12:57 pm

Expected this to be a tiny little tube, it’s actually 2 fl oz. Great for my purse and winter! “Whipped Silk” St Ives Lotion

Free sunsilk anti-flat sample

Nov 3 12:55 pm


This was a nice sample, actually got 2 of them, I like when that happens! Nice size packs!

4 Ever Youthful

Nov 3 11:04 am

4 Ever Youthful

This was amazing….they sent “everything” I checked, loads of wonderful beauty products from thier compnay, and they aren’t cheap!

Fancy Feast Deluxe Kit

Fancy Feast Kit with samplesFancy Feast Cat Food Kit

This kit came with a can of food, hard food sample and 2 coupons. Handsome display box, really nice kit-my cat really loved it!

Gas X Strips

Gas X

This is nice to try, there was quite a few strips in there!

Coffee Rio (Coffee Candy)

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Nov 3 9:57 am