Another – Dunhill: PURSUIT fragrance card sample

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Jul 3 7:30 pm


I received this shaving cream for being a member of SheSpeaks. I think I requested a pomegranate one? But this blue one came.. :dunno:
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Coupons for being a member of VocalPoint.
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Free from Sunflower!

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Jul 1 8:32 pm

4 Freezer Queen boxed entrees
4 Nesquik milks
1 Taste Escapes Lunch meat (I’ve got to print more coupons now that I’ve found it LOLLL)
1 can of Enfamil ( I should’ve given that coupon away LOL)
Friskies Crunchy Tartar treats
7 lb bag of Purina Cat Chow
1 free movie Rental from Movie Gallery “Halloween” (my mom has been a member for so long, that they gave her a free rental… which I took over LoL)

100 free Melitta paper coffee filters

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Jul 1 6:23 pm

2 free Durex Play Vibrations

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Jul 1 5:57 am

LOLLLLLLLL :rofl: I won’t say to much about this one but on the package it says:
“Stimulating ring for him and her” ..omg! watch the video ad for it HERE :kekeke:

She Speaks

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Jun 30 12:40 pm

this is what DHL droped off today

Today’s freebies

I got the mascaras for being an Allure expert: sign up here
I signed up a log time ago, but I never got to take any surveys, and finally I checked my freebie email & found a survey & took it. Didn’t expect these to come!
Mini Zrii gift pack
Gillette sample
Tatouage samples – I like these!
Thanks Chris.

Free SoyJoy bar from CVS

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Jun 20 1:44 pm

I showed you the coupon here. Finally went and got the Mango Coconut one. One word: DISGUSTING!

Good thing it was free. 🙁

TIGI Bed Head B for Men

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Jun 19 8:41 pm

This is what FedEx brought me today. Ehh… this is a 3.38 fl.oz bottle of “Pure Texture Molding Paste” for hair.


Dog Food Survey From NFO

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Jun 17 9:23 pm

got this delivered today by Ups.