Free Nasa Space Thrills poster-for teachers

Aug 14 7:02 pm

This is a huge, nice quality poster with tips and lesson plans on the back:


Free laminated bilingual barn poster

Aug 14 6:31 pm

🙂 OK, this was one of those posts that you don’t see a picture of what you’re ordering, so you go ahead and send off for it just out of curiosity.  This thing is huge!  I am going to use it to cover my coffee table when we lay out snacks during movies, football games, etc.  If I ever decide to start a dairy farm, I’m all set!:


Free Miley Cyrus poster-EXPIRED

Aug 11 9:21 am

Autographed poster from Glamour

Jul 31 6:01 pm

The girls are gonna want this lol!!

Ashley Tisdale Party Pack

Free Ashley Tisdale Guilty Pleasures Party Pack — Came with posters, a CD, picture cards, a note from Ashley, and lip gloss

Free Team Nutrition materials, posters and activity sheets from the USDA

Books, Posters
Jul 27 8:17 pm

Free Redwood Creek Trout Unlimited poster

Jul 27 8:04 pm

Free Space Camp CD and poster

dvds/videos/music, Posters
Jul 24 8:08 pm

UPS brought an insanely huge delivery tube which contained…

Jul 24 8:05 pm

LOL – They sent two big laminated posters but the tube was humongous and I almost needed a blow torch to open it up it was sealed so well.

Deep-Vein Thrombosis awareness kits

Kits, Other, Posters, Stickers
Jul 23 8:14 pm

100_5916FedEx dropped this off 🙂 Each kit comes with 12 pairs white socks/Crayola Glitter glue/Sharpies with DVT logo on them/a baggie with a little bottle of glue, sock shaped stickers, and round buttons/and about 5 little posters with info on them, & info card –link