ilm beauty fashion

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Nov 7 9:38 pm


Can’t find the link, but, I’m sure the girls remember this one, it’s for a ponytail (sorry, guys too) πŸ˜‰

AARP Pedometer

Nov 7 9:37 pm

Marines Duffle Bag

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Nov 5 10:00 pm

Awesome Duffle Bag Marines

Absolutely awesome duffle-

Playstation 2 Hot Shots Tennis

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Nov 5 9:55 pm

Playstation 2 Game

This is an awesome game, and was free!

Os-Cal 7 Day Pill Box

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Nov 5 9:54 pm

Os Cal 7 Day Medicine Holder


This was the only link I could find, I know you had to mail in for this-certainly worth it! This link is still good BTW-The pics are darker because the flash looks like an explosion!

Clinique Facial Kit

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Nov 5 9:54 pm

Clinique Facial Kit

This was one of the most amazing freebie ever! Very expensive full size bottles of Clinique (3) Not sure of the link, but I know it’s over. Try it, take a picture of your skin and enter a contest-Awesome! (snuck in sunglasses to show size)

2 Smart 4 U Ring

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Nov 5 9:42 pm

2 Smart 4 U

This is to fight against abduction, great awareness, particularly the younger people, but everybody

Reach Flosser

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Nov 5 9:41 pm

8 Secrets Shrimp Cookbook

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Nov 5 9:41 pm

2008 Australia Olympics Pin

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Nov 5 9:40 pm

Australia Olympics Pin

This has to be where I got the pin, this is the only Olympic registry I signed up with-they sent me this (Australia) It’s pretty nice actually-