free $50 Superstore order

Cups and Mugs, Magnets, Other
Dec 24 3:30 pm

Got all this free because of the GC I won (here).
Everything is finally here after going through a lot hahaa… bahhh!! Anyway…
Nascar croc shoes (so comfy), 1 pair of socks, keychain light, M&M race mug, Racing schedule magnet (didn’t order that but they through it in), 3 bottle opener keychains…I am glad it all showed up before Christmas! :xmas:

Free Coffee Mugs from Viva Diva

Cups and Mugs
Dec 17 10:06 pm


Respect, Honor, Belive Mug

Cups and Mugs
Jun 28 6:07 pm

Very Nice.

Free “Accept, Honor, Believe” Mug

Cups and Mugs, gifts
Jun 17 6:31 am
I think this is the link.
Very Cute, light wieght, I don’t think I will be using this, I will probably Break it.
*sorry about wrapping in the pic, but I scan my items and I didn’t want it to fall off the scanner*

Little Debbie Muffins, Burts Bees Mens Travel Kit, Gevalia Coffee, & Rogaine Foam

I got all of this Saturday! I have no idea how I got the Mens Travel Kit from Burts Bees though!