Ponds and Degree Sample With Coupons

Mail 7/14/08

This was in the august issue of shape
For a free sample call: 1-877-528-3727 -you can choose between sunscreen, skin care, or makeup samples
$0.50 off Zone Bar

Magazines, Starbucks Drink, Firework Glasses

The Parents magazine came with a bill, so not certain where it came from, but I wrote cancel on it and sent it back.

What I got yesterday

2 sets of All-Clad measuring cups for making a registry (came really quick from W. Sonoma)
Bag of Senseo pods
Dove Go Fresh body mist
Playtex cleansing cloth
Subscription to County Home mag (came with coupons) [EXPIRED]
Subscription to Newsweek (Wow, I already have so many of these.. lol) [EXPIRED]
Subscription to TV guide
Diabetic Cooking mini mag

Old Spice Red Zone Body Wash & $1 off coupon

POND’S rejuveness sample & Save $1.50 coupon

Free 10% off Home Depot Coupon

Coupons/In Store deals
Jul 15 9:37 am

free Purina One cat food up to $7.99 -coupon

Coupons/In Store deals
Jul 14 9:41 pm

I like these coupons for free cat food — they really do help out a lot.

Free Parliment coupons

Coupons/In Store deals
Jul 14 12:09 pm

I guess from the beach towel offer

Crestor 360 file box that came with info, recipes, notecards, coupons, a magnet, and a pillbox keychain

The coupons are: $1 off any type of Cheerios, $1 off a 4-pack of Promise activ SuperShots, 50 cents off any Promise Spread and a $30 off CRESTOR prescription card. Never heard of some of this stuff… lol.