Venison Seasoning sample & info, etc.

This is a gift from the Hunting Club.

6 cat food samples from Diamond Pet Foods

Books, Samples
Jul 3 4:17 pm

5 Fishing hooks from the Fishing Club

Books, gifts, Other, Stickers
Jul 2 7:24 pm

There are “Five, size 4 Baitholder style” fishing hooks. This is good. Extra hooks for my Fishing Pen kit. LOL


More Comsumer Handbooks

Jul 2 7:21 pm

I only ordered 1 of these, and I got this envelope today. Guess I will pass them out to family.

Billy Graham Book

Jul 2 7:20 pm

History Channel Club Handbook & $10 off gift certificate

Books, Gift Cards/Certs
Jul 2 3:35 pm


Fatima booklet: Rosary Issue

Jul 2 3:31 pm


Books, gifts, Samples
Jul 2 1:20 pm

BC Warm Delights Mini – I don’t know which is the right link, but this is the one that is working again.
Free pair of socks – EXPIRED, sorry (I have absolutely no idea why I got 2 pairs.. :dunno: )
Sample of Nivea natural tone
“The Holy Spirit” book

The Holy Spirit: Activating God’s Power in Your Life book

Jul 1 6:13 am


2008 COnsumer Handbook

Jun 28 6:05 pm