Free Meat Warning Labels from PETA

by tonywt1 - Stickers
Sep 4 2:24 pm

🐔 Thank you very much PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) 🐖for our WARNING This Package Contains the decomposing corpse of a tortured animal stickers 🐄 from #Peta 🐟

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by tonywt1 - Magazines
Sep 4 2:23 pm

Free Fender guitar strings

by tonywt1 - Samples
Sep 4 2:18 pm

📬 Fender sent us samples of #Fender guitar strings. So much better than what was on it. Was using strings that came with guitar.Made it easy to change using color coating ends. Makes better quality music using Fender guitar stings. Thank you very much SurveyMonkey🐒 and Fender Musical Instruments Corp. 🎸