There are many sites online that you can make money from by doing offers and surveys, but CashCrate is one of the few reliable sites that I have a lot of faith in.  On CashCrate you can take up to 3 surveys a day, which pay $.80, and you can do as many offers as you want.  These offers have a wide range of payouts, from 20 cents to 20 dollars.  Some offers are as simple as filling out a form, and others require you to make a purchase or sign up for some type of free trial.  CashCrate makes it easy by letting you sort through offers that require or don’t require a credit card.  You can also do offers for points instead of cash, and you can redeem the points for gift cards and other types of merchandise.  I’d suggest doing the cash payout offers though, and just buy what you would like with that cash when they send you your payment.
Another easy way to make money from CashCrate is by getting referrals to sign up under you.  Depending on how many referrals you have you can earn as much as 25% of the amount that your referrals earn, and as much as 15% of what their referrals earn. CashCrate will also send you $3 every time one of your referrals reaches their first $10 of earnings. 

CashCrate pays out around the 20th of every month, so if you earn $10 by January 31, you will receive a check for 10 dollars by February 25th or so(at the latest).  They are very reliable at paying out, unlike many of the other offer companies out there.  CashCrate is a great site to do in some spare time, since it doesn’t take long to do one or two offers or surveys.  By the end of the month you will have some extra money to use to go out to dinner, pay your cell phone bill, etc.  Click here to sign up for CashCrate.