Search & Win

Swagbucks is very simple, you use their search and you will randomly win swagbucks which you can spend on cash cards and prizes.  You can either use their search through their site, or by using their toolbar, and the search uses google and, so the results are usually quite relevant.

They have many different cash and gift cards available, as well as many items such as video games, music, trading cards, electronics, and more.  Two of the cheapest gift cards are the $5 amazon GC for 45 bucks, and $5 starbucks card for 50 bucks. You start at 3 swagbucks, so it shouldn’t take very long to earn that much.  Another way to earn points is to enter the swag codes that they post on their blog, twitter, and facebook pages. Free Stuff Times users will also post these codes in the latest post on the main page as well, so keep an eye on those comments to earn more bucks.
Sign up and check it out.