Tell us why you need a “parent sitter” so that you can enjoy your next date;
b. Include @OrbitGum and the hashtags #OrbitParentSitter and #Sweepstakes in your Tweet;
c. Your Tweet must not violate the Content Restrictions set forth below in this Rule 5; and
d. Your account settings must remain public and your Twitter handle must remain the same during
the Promotion Period and until the prizes are awarded (as described in Section 6).
Prizes: EIGHT HUNDRED (800) GRAND PRIZES: A prize package including one (1) $25 Hulu gift
card; one (1) $60 gift card for a Virtual Pasta Cooking Class with Nonna Nerina (approximately 2 hour group
class); and one (1) $50 gift card for an indoor plant by Horti. All prizes will be fulfilled as digital codes to
winner’s email address. The approximate retail value (“ARV”) of each prize package is $135. The total
ARV of all prizes is up to $108,500

Oct 30 1:46 am