The Prizes
3rd Ritual EARTH + SUN Aromatherapeutic Blends ($64 value)

10 Grove Blind Feel Test Gift Set ($75 value)

Avocado Mattress Two Avocado Green Pillows in a size of the winner’s choice (Up to $218 value)

The Culinistas Studio Candle ($50 value)

Four Sigmatic Plant-Based Protein ($100 value)

Pearl Street Caviar Tank, Tote and Flight Trio ($121 value)

Qi Alchemy Mother Earth Pearls and Vegan Full Moon Pearls ($75 value)

Seed + Mill Tahini Jar, Halva Trio, and our Za’atar spice blend ($60 value)

Y7 6-month subscription for Y7 Online ($100 value)

Sep 24 2:24 am