​The Bedroom Sanctuary Grand Prize
1x $200 gift card for Bed Bath and Beyond (usable in store or online) so you can upgrade your bedroom however you’d like! – $200 RRP
1x PerfectSleep sheet set – the most ridiculously comfortable, temperature regulating sheets on the planet – and they’re made from 100% sustainable, natural fibre – $140 RRP
1x PerfectSleep extra pillow case set – use them for your own bed or another bed in your house for perfect temperature regulation under your head – $45 RRP
3x KitchenPerfect “Uniquely Yours” serving trays, each individually hand made from sustainable mango wood – $150 RRP
1x KitchenPerfect Copper French Coffee Press – the most gorgeous, precision designed coffee press you have ever used – $43 RRP
3x ExquisiteHome Indoor/Outdoor Planters – each individually hand-made and perfect to bring extra greenery into your bedroom or outside your window – $120 RRP

May 21 1:51 pm