Win $794 worth of unique creative effects and synthesiser plugins from Tracktion Dawesome.
This collection includes Myth, Abyss, Chop Suey, Novum, Kult, and Love.

Myth – MYTH is the new flagship synthesizer by Dawesome. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned sound designer – with MYTH you can turn your wildest sound fantasies into reality, regardless of your musical style.

Abyss – Abyss is a synth with character … and a bit of fairy dust! Sounds are represented as colours – this concept focuses on the “art”, rather than “numbers”. It has never been more intuitive and inspiring to create your own signature sound.

Chop Suey – Get your kicks with Chop Suey and take your productions to the next level! Chop Suey is a low-end powerhouse making kick drum design super easy and enjoyable.

Novum – Ushering in the next generation of creative sampling, Novum opens the door to a universe of sonic possibilities. Create fascinating instruments from a single sample – from delicate pads to massive walls of resonating synths – Novum’s sonic range is only limited by your imagination.

Kult – KULT is based on so called “Strange Attractors” – that are used as oscillators that sound mesmerising and organic. From warm to cold, from soft to hard, from familiar to alien, from vintage to futuristic: it’s alive.

Love – When you combine a velvety SHIMMER effect with a simple to use GRANULAR engine and top it off with an epic spacey REVERB it becomes apparent… LOVE is all you need.

Jun 20 2:52 am