⬇️ Winner will receive ⬇️

960 x Compostable Poop Bags + Dispensers from @giveashit_petproducts
SpotOn GPS Fence from @spotonfence
Mandala etray & Honeycomb emat enrichment bundle from @sodapupdogtoys
Bowtie Collar + Matching Leash from @packleashes
A Spleash from @spleash_your_leash
Doggy Diner Bowls from @katiodogio
5oz Organic No Rinse, Waterless Spray Shampoo and Refill Pouch Bundle from @pet_potion
One Month of Vetted Plus Membership from @vettedpethealth
A PawSheet from @pawsheets (Your choice color/size)
A Travel Backpack for Dog Supplies from @rubyloo_official
Snoodie, Leash and Flower/Bow Tie Collar Set from @waggy_pups
3 x 3 oz bags of dog treats, chicken, beef liver and pork loin + 3 x 2 oz containers of seasoning – beef liver, pork loin and beef heart from @bearsbites
Reversible bandana, bow tie and essential oil spray from @ebyelfie
Dog food booster and paw lick mat slow feeder from @lekaspack

Sep 20 8:33 pm