One Grand Prize will be given away at random. This kit is stocked full of DEWALT safety gear that was designed and engineered to keep you safe.

The Grand Prize features all of the items below: a rolling tool bag, 7 pairs of gloves, 4 high visibility items, 6 pairs of eyewear, and 2 hearing protection items.

DEWALT Rolling Tool Bag
DPG35 Water-Resistant Breathable Glove
DPG72 Flexible Durable Grip Glove
DPG805 A4 Cut Protection Glove
DPG216 Leather Performance Hybrid Glove
DPG70 Coated Gripper Glove
DPG31 Goatskin Driver
DPG750 Insulated Cold Weather Glove
DRW11 Lightweight Packable Raincoat
DSJ32 Deluxe Class 3 Hoodie
DSV521 Heavy-Duty Surveyor Vest
DSV220 Mesh Vest
DPG106 Spector In-Viz Bifocal Eyewear
DPG107 Supervisor Premium Eyewear
DPG108 Renovator Premium Eyewear
DPG98 Gable Safety Eyewear
DPG99 HDP Polarized Eyewear
DPG63 Foam Earplugs
DPG17 Bluetooth Earmuffs

Two additional runner-up prizes will be given away at random. These kits include a DEWALT soft tool bag as well as a full assortment of protective gear.

The two Runner-Up Prizes feature the DEWALT duffel tool bag, 4 pairs of gloves, a high visibility rain jacket, 3 pairs of eyewear, and 2 hearing protection items.

Sep 18 1:42 am