Grand Prize: One (1) winner will receive the following:


One (1) Mini Tools Set

Mini Spatula

Mini Flip

Mini Spoon

One (1) Ultimate Tools Set

Ultimate Spatula

Ultimate Flip

Ultimate Spoon

Ultimate Ladle

One (1) 10-Pack Silicone Straws


2 Cabot Eco Shopping Bags

1 Thick Thin Slicer

8 each assorted Cabot Cheese 8 oz bars

Seriously Sharp

Extra Sharp


Vermont Sharp

Lite 50



Colby Jack

6 each assorted Cabot Cheese Cracker Cuts

Seriously Sharp (2)

Extra Sharp

Pepperjack (2)

Colby Jack

2 each assorted Cabot Cheese Shredded Cheese

2 State Farmers

Rustic Pizza

1 Slate Cheese Board

1 Bosca Cheese Knife

Chop Chop Family:

One 1-year ChopChop subscription

One 1-year Seasoned subscription

1 ChopChop Family Shopping Bag

1 ChopChop Cookbook

2 ChopChop Magazine Aprons (Adult and child)

Sep 17 1:10 pm