Prize: One (1) Grand Prize. Prize includes:
96” 30.18 Full Rack: Black
Landmine: Black
Safety Spotter Arms: Black
Flip Down Safety Arms: Black
2 Sets of J-Cups (Sahara Exterior), PLAE nameplate in black, black pastic interior
Multi Grip Pull-Up Bar
“GO ONE MORE” underneath top 30” crossmembers in Sahara
2 MB/KB Interior Direction Shelves
1 DB Interior Direction Shelf
Dumbbell Storage
Plate Storage Posts + Crossmember
Band Hanger
4 Bar Hanger
Lat Pulldown
Icon Adjustable Bench: Black
Plae Power Bar 20KG: Black
Plae Training Bar Men’s 20KG with Go One More & Plae Logo
Plae Competition Plates Pair – 45lbs x 3
Plae Competition Plates Pair – 25lbs x1
Plae Competition Plates Pair – 10lbs x 1
Plae Change Plates Pair – 5lbs x 1
HEX Dumbbells – 12 Sets
Rogue Kettlebells – x3
Rogue Medicine Balls – x3
1 Year’s Worth BPN Supplements – 12 months of BPN Supplements (5 products per month)

Sep 17 3:08 am