Instant Win Prize Awards and Delivery:  The available instant win prize awards, number of prizes available and approximate retail value (ARV) of each instant win prize are as follows:

Instant Win Prize Award Descriptions Max. # Prizes Available ARV
One (1) Jameson Fanny Pack (800) total $5.00 ea
One (1) Jameson Foam Finger (800) total $5.00 ea
One (1) Jameson Football Flag (800) total $5.00 ea

Conditional Grand Prize Award Requirements:  The Conditional Grand Prize Award (see below) shall only be awarded to eligible Conditional Grand Prize finalists in the event the following conditional prize award requirements occur:

  • There must be an official announcement by the designated league (see below) by or before 9/13/2024 that a Professional American Football game has been scheduled to be played in Dublin, Ireland.
  • The game must be played between two (2) of the current thirty (32) member clubs in the designated Professional American Football League (or a new expansion club).  The designated league is the Professional American football league with American and National conferences, whose games are played each season between September – January, and whose championship game is held in February.
  • The official announcement of the game being scheduled to be played must occur by or before 9/13/2024 and must be a regular season game (pre-season games shall not be considered eligible for the conditional requirement).
  • In the event the required condition necessary to activate the conditional grand prize award does not occur, then Conditional Grand Prize finalists shall not receive any prize award or compensation.
  • Confirmation of the required condition being activated, shall be at the sole discretion and determination of Sponsor, including verification of the eligible designated Professional American Football league.


CONDITIONAL Grand Prize Award (Maximum 50 winners):  The conditional grand prize shall only be awarded in the event a Professional American Football game is officially announced as being scheduled to be played in Dublin, Ireland per the requirements as outlined above.  The conditional grand prize award, if awarded, is: $5,000.00 awarded in the form of a gift card from the Sponsor designated gift card provider (i.e. or other provider as solely determined and designated by Sponsor), to be used towards two (2) round trip coach class flights to Dublin, Ireland.  Gift card subject to the terms and conditions of the issuing gift card provider.  Specific flight availability, airlines, departure and return dates, and seat locations are subject to availability, and not guaranteed.  ARV of each grand prize: $5,000.

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