Creating Entries: You may create up to ten (10) Basic Game Brackets in the Basic Game. You may designate ONE (1) of your Basic Game Brackets as your Contest entry (your “Contest Bracket”). You may edit your Picks in your Basic Game Brackets, including the one that you have designated as your Contest Bracket, at any time up until the close of the Entry Period. Similarly, you may select a different Basic Game Bracket to serve as your Contest Bracket during the Entry Period. All selections must be finalized by the close of the Entry Period, after which no further changes will be allowed.

Filling Out Your Brackets: The team seedings for the 2019 Tournament will be populated within the Basic Game Microsites shortly after the Seeding Announcement. At that time, if you are fully registered for the Contest, and have created your Entry Bracket, you must return to one of the Basic Game Microsites to populate your Entry Bracket with your Picks and submit your Entry Brackets into the Contest as described in Rule 3(b) above. Note that the “play-in” games, scheduled for March 19 and 20, 2019, are not included in the brackets, and do not count towards a Player’s scores in this Contest.

You have until sometime prior to the published tip-off time of the first 2019 Tournament game on March 21, 2019 (the “Entry Deadline”) to create your Entry Bracket, complete your Picks, complete the Tie-Breaker Answers, and make revisions to your Entry Bracket.
Prize: Sixty-three (63) games are scheduled to be played in the 2019 Tournament (the “play-in” games which determine the sixty-fourth seed are not counted for purposes of either the Basic Game or this Contest). The result of any game in the 2019 Tournament shall be deemed final based on the results certified by the NCAA prior to the commencement of the immediate next game in the Tournament, unless the NCAA undertakes review of the results of said game, in which case the NCAA’s final decision shall be determinative.

The verified Player whose single, validly submitted Contest Bracket that: (i) was designated by the Player for participation in the Contest; and (ii) receives the highest score (using Yahoo’s Default Scoring formula; see; referred to in these Rules as the “Default Scoring Formula”) among all valid Contest Brackets properly submitted for participation in the Contest; will win one-million dollars ($1,000,000), payable in a lump sum by check (the “Grand Prize”).

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