Fire Drill occurs between 2/2/20 and 2/11/20 and the exact date/time will be determined by Sponsor
A. Sweepstakes Prizes (150 total; 30 per Entry Period): Each Sweepstakes prize is a Sugarfina
Candy Box (“Sweepstakes Prize”). Specific candy flavors outlined in the chart below. No more
than one hundred fifty (150) (thirty [30] per Entry Period) Sweepstakes Prizes will be available in
the Sweepstakes. The ARV of each Sweepstakes Prize is $8.50.
Entry Period Sweepstakes Prize Candy Flavor
1 Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels
2 Peanut Butter Caramels
3 Sugar Lips
4 Fuji Apple Caramels
5 Golden Truffle Eggs
B. Fire Drill Prizes (100): Each Fire Drill prize is a Sugarfina Bento Box (“Fire Drill Prize”) (flavors
include Sugar Lips, Fuji Apple Caramels, and Peanut Butter Caramels, and are determined by
Sponsor in its sole discretion). No more than one hundred (100) Fire Drill Prizes will be available
in the Promotion. The ARV of each Fire Drill Prize is $26.
C. Total ARV: The total ARV of all prizes is $3,875.

Jan 13 11:09 pm