CA residents are not required to redeem an entry code to participate in the one in a Billion Number Guess Contest, and entry codes found on Heineken® Lager Beer festive holiday bottles will not be accepted from California residents
PRIZE: (a) Instant Win Heineken Merchandise Prizes (15): Fifteen (15) Instant Win prizes will be randomly awarded during the Promotion Period. Each Instant Win prize consists of Heineken branded merchandise consisting of the Heineken branded merchandise items as solely determined and designated by Sponsor (one (1) Heineken t-shirt, one (1) Heineken hat, and one (1) Heineken bottle opener, or other merchandise items as determined in the sole discretion of Sponsor, based upon inventory availability). ARV of each instant win prize: $50. ARV of all instant win prizes: $750.

(b) Grand Prize (maximum of 1): A maximum of one (1) grand prize will be awarded ONLY if an eligible entrant has correctly submitted a guess of the randomly predetermined grand prize winning on in a Billion number that falls between 0,000,000,001 – 1,000,000,000 in its exact numeric order (e.g. if the winning number is 123,456,789, then a submitted number guess of 987,654,321 would NOT constitute a winning number guess), per the requirements of these Official Rules. In the event of an exact guess of the randomly predetermined grand prize winning number, that entrant will then be eligible to claim the grand prize subject to verification of compliance with these official rules, and subject to the terms below in the event of more than one winning submission.

The grand prize consists of a $1,000,000 forty (40) year annuity, awarded in the form of $25,000 cash per year for forty (40) years without interest. The initial $25,000 payment will be awarded within approximately thirty (30) days of receipt of all required paperwork. Each subsequent payment thereafter shall occur on or about the anniversary date of the first payment for the next thirty-nine (39) years. No current cash value of the annuity prize award will be available.

Oct 12 12:33 pm